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IBWP certified childbirth educators teach in hospitals, birth centers, and in independent settings. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive consumer-based class that will enable women and their partners to prepare for a positive, safe and joyful birth experience. The ALACE Childbirth Educator training program as offered by IBWP was developed by midwives and is recognized for its holistic, women-centered approach. IBWP childbirth classes provide evidence based information about the birth process and provide the tools to empower women and their partners to make informed choices throughout pregnancy and birth.
Childbirth Educator Training Manual – CBE- $795.00

To purchase your ALACE/IBWP Childbirth Educator Training and Certification Program and join the many students who are on the path to become a certified CBE through a time-tested program that is valued by women, families, nurses, doctor’s and newborns around the world, click below. You will receive an immediate confirmation from pay pal. Then within three days an email confirmation from our office and finally your complete program will be mailed and received within 5-10 days.

All sales are final, please ask as many questions as you wish to ensure the programs are for you. There are no refunds.

If you’d like to receive an invoice via email to purchase your CBE program, just email us at or call: 1.877.334.IBWP (4297)

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