How to Dress According to Your Body Shape

Did you know there are eight different types of body shapes? Some women are petite, others are tall and heavy; some are smart and lean, whereas others are a bit bulky and short. Everybody has a particular kind of body shape and it is important to choose your dress according to this shape so that you can accentuate your most prominent or best-looking feature and conceal the one that makes you uncomfortable in public.

Here are some tips to dress according to your body shape.

Apple Shape

Since you carry most of your weight in the middle, you probably don’t have the best of figures. However, you can hide this weight under long length tops that will make your waist and hips almost equally proportioned. Highlight the upper portion of your body by wearing tight and low neckline to bring out the sexy side of your body.    

Pear Shape

A pear shaped body is bottom heavy with plump hips and thighs. This top section of this type of body is attractive and sexy and therefore you need to wear appealing tops in bright and vibrant colors to make this part of your body stand out. You need to avoid tight-fitting jeans and other snug clothing that only serves to highlight your heavy hips. Choose dresses that go knee-length and are not very tight-fitting.

Strawberry Shape

These ladies have broad shoulders and a heavy chest. So, what could be their best pick among jeans and tops? They need wide-leg jeans and trousers to highlight the lower part of their body. Since these women have fuller busts, they shouldn’t be afraid to wear low necklines and sweaters with V-necks and wrap tops because all these look good on them. Avoid dresses that put emphasis on your shoulders that are already broad.

Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, you are the luckiest of women. You can wear almost anything without having to worry about whether it would look good or not. However, don’t go for too much baggy clothing because it would serve to hide your ideal figure. Choose dresses that would highlight your wonderful waist like belts worn on waist and tight-fitting jeans. Wrap dresses also look great on hourglass body shape.

Rectangle Shape 

Women with a rectangle body shape do not have much to hide so they can wear almost anything to look elegant and attractive. No single part of their body has concentrated weight so there is no need to highlight a particular section. However, low-rise jeans are not recommended for these women and so are dresses that make the torso look way too long. Go for knee-length dresses with low necklines if you would like to show the cleavage.

No matter what your body shape is, you shouldn’t feel depressed or downhearted because there would always be a dress especially designed for your body. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to look your best on any occasion!