How To Find The Best Clothes When Shopping

Clothes Shopping
Clothes Shopping

Shopping is an art. Walking into a boutique, an online store or even a thrift shop and being able to pick from the many options, the right items that will not only fit awesomely, but completely transform the wearer into something divine is no mean feat. It is an art form and like all arts, there is a simple method to all of it. This post lists some of the minute tips and tricks any shopper can leverage on to get the most from a single shopping trip, online or offline.

Never shop alone

You know how it is always recommended for you to have a gym partner every time you lift some weights? Same thing applies for shopping. You should always go along with a friend (the store attendant does not count, he/she will likely say everything you wear fits awesomely) who understands the extent of your wallet and will help you make good choices. The trendier the friend, the better.

Try it on

We tend to overestimate what our eyes tell us a lot, especially when it comes to shopping. You do not have to pay to try it on, so do that if it catches your eye. You will be able to make a more awesome choice that way. If you can take it home to try on, do so. The lighting in most shops is certain to deceive you, if you are not experienced, and trying it on before your home mirror makes all the difference.

Window shop at the luxury store, then buy at the dollar store

If your wallet is likely to limit what you are buying, then this is a really awesome tip for you. First of all, go into one of those luxury boutiques and browse. You can see easily what styles are in vogue and what you need to look like. Then, you can head over to the thrift store around the corner and buy the same things for way less.

If you can afford it, go for complete outfits

On the mannequin the grey slacks and that cream blazer blend just perfectly, and you tried them on, and they fit. Don’t blink, don’t wait, if you can afford it, get the entire ensemble. You’ll feel a lot better for it, and look awesome too.

Avoid clothes with too many embellishments

Clothes with too many frills, sequins, beadings, etc. on all the corners and in every stitch, generally look cheaper and worse than clothes with little or nothing, especially if you are actually buying them cheap. Except you are getting a pair from a designer label, avoid such. It is better to get a plain blouse that you can accessorize with some good jewelry than something that looks like a hand-me-down from your granny.

Buy special occasion outfits when you find them

There is nothing worse than shopping on a time constraint. You are more likely to make terrible fashion gaffes then. On the off chance you find an outfit that is perfect for a dinner, wedding, or even beach wear, get it, even if you have no such event on the calendar in the near future. The reason is simple, when the event comes, you would not have to rush to the stores, you have a perfect outfit waiting.